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User Review

  • Car that offers a sophisticated interior and exclusive riding capacity

    The car can fascinate any buyer quite effortlessly with the optimum refined quality interior along with chiseled features. Riding quality is pretty refined irrespective of its aggressive looks. Also the handling aspect may not satisfy all the riders as this is offering a kinda soft one. The interior part showcases a premium feel which will be surely cherished by the

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    Ronnel 16 May, 2022 for Lexus IS
  • Lexus car that offers stellar style statement

    The design and finish of the newest model of Lexus NX is much more than just being perfect. The style statement is further evolved and attained a distinguished maturity in its own right. The newest model is exhibiting a windshield that offers a way more aggressive rake along with LED headlamps. The present car may claim to possess extra space

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    Arvin 16 May, 2022 for Lexus NX
  • Lexus car that offers serene luxurious driving capacity

    The serene luxurious riding quality of this Lexus model tempted me to opt for the model while I tried out a test ride on this. Comfort factor is also unparalleled. Sophistication of the car model is at its zenith and that can be perceived with ease when one peep in its interior. What a well-appointed pleasant ambience the machine has

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    Juhary 16 May, 2022 for Lexus ES
  • Grand and exotic model from Lexus that offers easy driving demeanor

    The grandeur of this car model can easily fetch in tons of potential car buyers to opt for the same. Whenever I hit the road driving on the car I can easily sense that this is a head turner as well. The driving demeanor literally pleases me every time for being utterly a relaxed one. Many of my friends who

    Read More
    Christiaan 16 May, 2022 for Lexus LC
  • Posh car that is of average quality in many aspects

    To me affording a premium car at a premium price range is not a point of concern. But what matters is the overall standard and refinement of the four wheeler. Finally after a vivid research I decided to buy this mini hatchback which is marketed as a crossover. After a few months of riding the car I could make out

    Read More
    Shawn 16 May, 2022 for Lexus UX
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the popular new cars available in Singapore in 2024?

Top 5 popular new cars available in Singapore in 2024 are Mazda CX-3, Porsche Taycan, Mercedes-Benz E-Class Saloon, Kia Stinger and Mercedes-Benz C-Class Saloon.