Tips for a safe road trip at the wake of the pandemic

Tips for a safe road trip at the wake of the pandemic

Now that the Covid situation is finally taking better shape, people around Singapore are finally coming out of their isolation. With a number of Singaporeans finally coming out of their houses, local tourist spots are once again resuming the normal presence of people. Some families are also opting to cure their boredom with a change of scenery with short drives across the city. 

However, in their efforts to keep themselves safe from the virus, they choose not to alight from their vehicle under any circumstances. No matter where you plan to visit this month, it’s important that you are ahead with all the necessary preparations to make your travel safe and sound.

Road trip safety tips

To help you make the most of your road trips amidst this pandemic, OTO Singapore has come up with some safety tips to provide you a convenient drive without compromising safety. Let’s get started!

Run a checklist for your car

Before you head out, ensure that you have run a complete diagnostic check on your car. You cannot leave your home in a car that is having issues with its performance, you need to ensure that it’s in top-notch condition. You need to be well aware of the diagnostics, especially if heading for a long trip. We suggest you visit an authorized service center to run a maintenance check and get all the necessary repairs done. This way, you avoid any trouble on the road.

Road trip

Make sure to pack the emergency supplies

No matter how pleasant or perfect your road trip is about to be, it’s always a smart move to stay prepared with a backup. Ensure that you always stay prepared for unexpected situations on the road. Essentials like a flashlight, water, first-aid supplies, and tool kits are of great help for you, and your car. 

In case you are going to explore a new place, it’s necessary that you carry a GPS system and a map to guide you through the place. Also, don’t forget your hand sanitizers, face masks, sanitizing wipes, face shields, and other pandemic essentials.

Maintain social distancing with other people

We’re still not over the pandemic situation! We’re still at risk of getting infected therefore, it is better to stay on the safer side even while hitting the roads. Ensure that you take every step to minimize contact with others on the road. On the other hand, if you ever feel the need to interact with strangers, do it while maintaining the norms of physical distancing. Also, don’t take off your face mask and face shield. Stay sanitized!

Keep yourself informed on traffic and weather updates to where you’re traveling

Weather forecast

To make the most of your road trip, make sure that you’re prepared well in advance. To ensure the success of your first or second trip post the restrictions, ensure that you get all the required information about the Covid situation there. Knowing the traffic conditions and the current weather type also plays a significant role in easing your stress for a successful trip. 

Always wear a seatbelt

How can you forget about the very first and essential rule of a road trip? Fastening your seatbelts is a must, no matter where you are headed to. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Protection, fastening your seatbelts is the most certain way to prevent accidents of any form, even in the case of a car crash. Further, it’s not only about the driver. Seatbelts should be important for everyone in the car as well.

Wearing seatbelt while driving

Prepare a list of emergency contacts on your device

While you’re on a road trip, you can utilize all the help you can get on the road. Therefore, ensure that you create a list of all the necessary contacts and save the important emergency hotline numbers so that they can help you counter any sort of unwanted or untoward incident while driving. 

Remember, road safety is an important aspect of making your road trip a complete success, no matter the phase of the pandemic. If you’re able to follow all the advice and guidelines while you travel, we’re quite sure that you’ll enjoy your road trip while staying safe. Remember, Safety First!

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