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  • T
    Tony 21 Sep, 2021 for Lexus NX

    Lexus NX is actually my wife's choice. She was so fascinated by it after the test ride that there was no way I could have convinced her not to get the car home. Needless to say, after trying my hands over it, my opinion on the car was the same. From comfortable seating to great maneuvering, despite its well-structured body, Read More 1

  • J
    Johnre 21 Sep, 2021 for Lexus LS

    I have recently bought a Lexus LS and I am not at all ashamed to admit that neither I nor my family can stop gushing about it. From its appliance to its performance, the sedan is incredible no matter which aspect you look at it from. Its drive quality is pretty amazing and its handling is also easy. But what Read More 0

  • G
    Gerard 21 Sep, 2021 for Lexus ES

    The Lexus ES has been on my bucket list ever since I spotted the car on Singapore street. Unfortunately, at that time I had a really confined budget so I couldn't get the car. That was a day and today is a day where I complete my month's journey with it. And to be honest it was far better than Read More 0

  • D
    Diego 21 Sep, 2021 for Lexus IS

    Honestly speaking I never had a plan to buy a Lexus IS. I actually went to the showroom to check out the Audi A4. It was the salesman who convinced me to take a test ride of the car. And I must admit, I would have missed a really good deal if I wouldn't have bought the IS that day. Read More 0

  • c
    Claude 21 Sep, 2021 for Lexus LC

    Let's LC is an example of how a car should be. It not just looks breathtaking but also performs the same way. Hauled with a V8 engine the output of the coupe is worth a billion dollars. Its wheel stability at high speed is nice but not that great but you can compromise this fact with its agility. The car Read More 0

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