Interesting things the upcoming Jeep Wrangler will be capable of performing

Interesting things the upcoming Jeep Wrangler will be capable of performing

With brands from around the world devising their strategies to go all-electric in the near future, every major automaker has already initiated the efforts for a better EV future. Similarly, Jeep’s parent brand, Stellantis automotive manufacturer, announced that it will be converting to an all-electric lineup within this decade. 

The announcement, which was made at the Stellantis EV Day 2021 event, highlighted that all the 14 brands that come under Stellantis’s umbrella will be electrified. Further, presenting their roadmap to the future, the automotive manufacturer introduced us to the all-electric Wrangler, which earlier made its debut as a concept in March 2021. 

Besides highlighting the prospects of an all-electric Jeep Wrangler, the automaker also presented us with some futuristic tech that will be accompanying the upcoming Wrangler models. 

And, here’s our take on the top five pros which we think will be made possible, and that one thing which we think won’t be a possibility. Let’s get started!

Solar charging 

Solar charging

The brand ‘Jeep’ has developed its name for offerings that are worthy of every terrain and can go almost anywhere without breaking a sweat. Therefore, one challenge which we think would be a mammoth task for the automaker is the fact that it’ll have to get a wide availability of charging stations, even in the remotest of areas where the Jeep lovers might take their cars. Thankfully, the automaker is expected to install solar-powered charging to keep its EV’s running around different countries.

Autonomous off-roading

Autonomous off-roading

Autonomous driving is certainly a possibility when we are talking about the future of a major brand like Jeep. However, the one thing which excited us is the difference that the automaker is gonna make with its rare offering. While other brands are offering autonomous driving limited to a built-up area with paved roads, Jeep hints that its autonomous driving technology will provide users with a taste of common off-roading, allowing autonomous driving in off-road conditions. 

Pairing your Jeep with a drone/remote

Drone pairing

This one is going to be a compact little addition for the videographers who like to experiment with different shots of their cars. The future Jeep models are all set to introduce the possibilities of drone pairing. This way, the automaker will make it possible for the user to access drone footage via its infotainment system. 

Another interesting possibility is the addition of remote tracking of your vehicle. For example, while you are experimenting with autonomous driving, you can access footage of the live feed.

Easy biometric access

biometric access

If it’s possible in electronic devices like a phone, laptop, and even a computer, then why not on a car? Yes, Jeep will be breaking stereotypes by allowing the future models of the Wrangler to come with possibilities of the biometric scan to enter or access vehicles. 

Here’s another twist in the tale, the automaker also suggested that the biometric scan doesn’t need to come only with a fingerprint option, it can come with a facial recognition feature as well.

Charging peer-to-peer 

Charging peer-to-peer

Just like the possibility of charging one phone to another, the same feature will be carried over for the upcoming Wrangler. The future Jeep EV will allow users to transfer their juice from one car to another. Isn’t this amazing? The future of Jeep as a brand is certainly going to be limitless!

Flat-seat layout

Flat seat accessibility

It’s no doubt that EVs save a lot of floor space for the automakers, after all, removing the engine certainly leaves you with unlimited possibilities. Thanks to such flat-floored layouts that replace the transmission tunnel with a battery pack in the ICE models, users will be able to lay the future Jeep models to its floor. 

But, isn’t it a pinch of salt to the overall presentation of how Jeep presented its electric Wrangler concept? The video showed that the car was autonomously taking you on a road trip while you can simply stargaze with the removed roof. 

With so many possibilities given by Jeep, we think that the automaker will be taking some time to integrate all the offerings in its lineup. Whatever the situation be, let’s hope that the automaker will introduce us to the changes by the end of this decade!

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