Automakers that rule their segments in Asia-Pacific Region

Automakers that rule their segments in Asia-Pacific Region

Unlike other commodities, cars are a necessity in the modern world. You cannot ignore their use functionality in today’s world. While some of us buy them for our daily commute, the car industry is gifted by diverse buyers, ranging from affectionate brand lovers to collectors that want to keep the best in their showroom.

A short walkthrough of the groundbreaking innovations in the field, we’ve made a great move from the conventional combustion mills to 100% electrical units that are the latest and the most value-added offerings in the field. It won’t be wrong to say that the automobile industry has come a long way with its diverse offerings. Furthermore, with new trends shaping the industry, we witness new companies shaking up the conventional ways of car engineering, every once in a while.

popular car brands in the APAC region

Today we’ll try to shed some light on some of the most popular automakers across the Asia-Pacific region. Let’s get started:

Encompassing an area spanning 29.3 million square kilometers, we calculate over 60% of the world’s population, when considering the Asia Pacific region. Home to countries like India and China, these regions are home to some of the fastest-growing nations in terms of population size.

Considering the present market in hand, it’s no doubt that this region influences sales charts for a number of automakers.  Well, thanks to who did all the data compilation work and more, we know the top five contenders. 

Any idea on who’s the one that tops the list? It’s none other than the Japanese automaker Toyota!

Toyota logo

No, it was not that hard a guess to crown the chart-topper in the region as the Japanese Automaker’s SUVs rule the ASEAN markets and enjoy a loyal fanbase here. Be it Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, or Laos PDR, Toyota has been the go-to brand for every country.

With its range-topping variants of SUV and Sedan’s, the automaker has done a great job at capturing the market over the years. Further, we also think that the automaker’s practically advanced upgrades make it a reliable offering.

Following the list of automakers, the second most popular automaker in the region is of German origin, BMW. It’s no doubt that ASEAN countries prefer luxury and comfort as well. The BMW brand enjoys a loyal following from its buyers. Some of the most hardcore fans of the brand include Indonesia, India, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, and South Korea.

BMW Logo

We think that the reason behind BMWs success is its offerings that are an amalgamation of technology and convenience.

Lamborghini logo

The third spot in the list is jointly shared by Lamborghini and Tesla, some of the most reliable brands when it comes to looks and performance. While Tesla enjoys high popularity in Singapore, China, and Hong Kong. The Italian manufacturer is a favorite of customers from Bhutan, Nepal, and Cambodia.


Occupying the fourth spot in another Japanese carmaker, Honda. While the automaker does enjoy a great following throughout the ASEAN region, this is the first name to pop into the mind of prospective car buyers in Bangladesh and Vietnam.

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