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BMW sells around 30 cars in Singapore. These include 10 Coupe, 6 Hatchback, 5 Convertible, 5 Sedans, 2 Muv and 2 SUV. The 1 Series is the lowest priced BMW model at $139,888 and the highest priced model is the M8 Coupe Competiton at $721,888 . Let Oto help you contact your nearest BMW dealer. Our database consist of over 4 authorized BMW car dealers across 1 cities in Singapore. Select a BMW car to know the latest promo in your city, prices, variants, specifications, pictures, mileage and User reviews.

BMW Singapore Price List 2021

BMW Models Price List
BMW 1 Series $139,888 - $229,888
BMW 2 Series Coupe $161,888 - $241,888
BMW M2 Coupe Competition $330,888
BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe $155,888 - $238,888
BMW 2 Series Active Tourer $141,888 - $176,888
BMW 2 Series Convertible $177,888 - $257,888
BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer $147,888 - $157,888
BMW 3 Series $200,888 - $311,888
BMW 4 Series Coupe $200,888
BMW 4 Series Convertible $242,888
BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe $194,888
BMW 5 Series $237,888 - $345,888
BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo $282,888 - $294,888
BMW 7 Series Sedan $400,888 - $491,888
BMW 8 Series Coupe $471,888 - $601,888
BMW M8 Coupe Competiton $721,888
BMW 8 Series Convertible $496,888 - $626,888
BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe $471,888 - $601,888
BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition $721,888
BMW X1 $163,888 - $174,888
BMW X2 $158,888 - $264,888
BMW X3 $210,888 - $457,888
BMW X4 $229,888 - $466,888
BMW X5 $335,888 - $600,888
BMW X6 $358,888 - $610,888
BMW X7 $444,888 - $561,888
BMW Z4 $255,888 - $342,888
BMW i8 $640,888
BMW i8 Coupe $623,888
BMW i3s $200,888

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  • J
    Joshua 07 Jan, 2021 for BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo

    The BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo is known to be a car for long distance trips without any discomfort. I have personally experienced it and it is worth buying if someone loves having a long-distance road trip. The price of the car in Singapore ranges from $282,888- $294,888 depending upon the variant of the car. I have become fond of it, Read More 3

  • A
    Anirudh 10 Dec, 2020 for BMW 8 Series Convertible

    Convertible cars have always been my preferred areas because of which got the BMW convertible series 8. The technologies incorporated in the car are trending and new in the automotive industry which make the car one of the best from BMW. The driver display is completely digital and shows all the meter reading in a clear way. Whenever I take Read More 1

  • j
    Jie 10 Dec, 2020 for BMW M8 Coupe Competiton

    I wanted to buy a luxury car with a high-powered engine when I came to know about the BMW m8 coupe competition. The engine of this car is the 4.4-liter v8 version which delivers an amazing horsepower of around 617. I love the exhausts as I can change the flow of the gases from a subtle to a high-velocity one. Read More 1

  • M
    Marcus 10 Dec, 2020 for BMW 8 Series Coupe

    This particular BMW model is the epitome of luxury and seamless designs, both on the exterior and in the interior. I love the modern taillight structure with the lowered rear at the back. The front headlights are based on Adaptive LED light concept which produces laser beams with adapting intensity based on the environment lights. The dashboard is built on Read More 1

  • P
    Pyro 10 Dec, 2020 for BMW 7 Series Sedan

    The first car’s feature which enchanted me is the color of the exterior- a perfect combination of the Bernina Grey with a sparkling amber coating truly enhances the majestic look of the sedan. The car has a 6-cylinder engine with an electric motor which gives me a speed up to the maximum limit of 140 km/h. This precise combination makes Read More 1