Child seats mandatory in Thailand from September 5

Child seats mandatory in Thailand from September 5

According to the Royal Gazette, the use of car seats or less-expensive car seat cushions for young children will become mandatory from September 5 in Thailand. The mandate is being enforced under the Land Traffic Act.


  • How much fine will be imposed for not using child seat in Thailand ?

    If children aren't seated in special safety seats, parents may be fined up to THB2,000 (SGD79.99).
  • If their children aren't seated in special safety seats, parents may be fined up to THB2,000 (SGD79.99). Child restraints under six years of age in moving vehicles must be installed in a car seat or special seat according to Section 123 of the law. Further details will be provided in a specific regulation to be issued by the national police chief. The law provides exempts for children with health or physical conditions.

    Child seats in Thailand

    In addition, Nikorn Chamnog, deputy chairman of the House committee that scrutinized changes to the Land Traffic Act, said expensive car seats generally sell for more than THB10,000. Due to this, the amended law allows the use of less expensive seat cushions priced around THB600-700 each.

    Chamnog, who chairs the World Health Organization's Asia-Pacific Regional Network on Road Safety, explained that the cushion allows the seat occupant to sit high enough for fastening with effective restraint.

    Child seats mandatory in Thailand from Sept 5

    In a study of mandatory car seat introductions in the Philippines and Malaysia, the Committee found that the requirement proved chaotic and difficult in the initial phases, primarily because of the high cost. Chamnog said motorists will need time to adjust, so the police should be lenient regarding compliance at first and issue warnings rather than taking more serious actions during the early enforcement phase after September 5.

    Meanwhile, a campaign should be launched to inform the public of the measure and what needs to be done. Chamnog added that the government should also consider lowering the import tax for car seats and promoting local seat production.

    In Singapore, the law requires anyone below the height of 1.35m to be secured within an appropriate booster seat while in a car. Under the Road Traffic Act, drivers and passengers found not using a seatbelt or appropriate restraints could be fined up to SGD1,000 or jailed for up to three months.

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