Ford files patent application for tech to remotely rev engine

Ford files patent application for tech to remotely rev engine

In a patent application spotted by 7th Mustang and other Ford enthusiast sites, it was found that Ford is developing a technology that would allow owners to rev their engines remotely, perhaps with a key fob.

Ford Authority states that the patent was filed on November 3rd, 2020, and published on May 5th, 2022. As stated in the application, the new technology would allow vehicle owners to rev their engines by using an “input device operated by the user” instead of pushing the accelerator. In other words, the vehicle's engine could be engaged "at various distances from the vehicle".

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“Furthermore, as the popularity of electric vehicles rises, including electric performance vehicles, the electric vehicles do not have an engine to provide engine revving sounds. As such, the attractiveness of the electric vehicle to a performance vehicle enthusiast may be decreased, hampering a transition to less fossil fuel-reliant vehicles,” the USPTO document reads.

There seems to be little interest in this idea outside of car enthusiasts. A company like Ford would not typically be able to emit a dramatic engine growl with the touch of a button, even when outside the vehicle.

 7th Mustang patent application

Tesla, a Silicon Valley company, has been gaining significant media attention for its untraditional - and often irreverent - approach to recent vehicle innovations while Detroit and its brethren have stood to the side. For example, Tesla's Boombox mode can broadcast custom audio outside the vehicle - including fart sounds.

According to Ford Authority, the company has filed many patent applications aimed at enthusiasts, including a drift mode and a remote parking system. Having the ability to remotely rev the car's engine would be popular with auto show attendees who like to display their car's engine sounds without going inside the car every time.

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The filing of a patent application does not necessarily mean Ford is on the verge of incorporating this technology into its entire product line. Filing a patent application is simple, but getting it approved can be challenging.

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