Make way for the stunning Avatr 11 MMW

Make way for the stunning Avatr 11 MMW

The Avatr 011 is finally here! Matthew M Williams gave the special edition electric SUV a distinct design using their expertise and skills in the area. Matthew M Williams commonly referred to as MMW is the co-founder of the 1017 ALYX 9SM fashion brand and the creative director of Givenchy, a luxury fashion brand from France.

With just 500 units available around the globe, the unique design elements of the Avatr 11 reflects MMW's brand image in the best light. The monotone black color covers every inch of the electric vehicle, including the 22-inch wheels, entire body, and even the trim pieces.

Avatr 11 MMW details

However, you can find some silver accents around the car that add a magnificent contrast to the car's overall visual appeal. Some of these accents are avidly visible inside the cabin and in the brake calipers. The seats, center console, and door cards also feature a dash of silver to add value to the aesthetics of this beast. Besides that, the Nappa leather on the inside, accompanied by Nuprima matte leather upholsteries, does an excellent job setting the electric SUV apart from the crowd.

The car's interior certainly upholds a distinct, modernized touch and appearance on three different screens on the show. This includes the giant central touchscreen, the digital instrument cluster, and the passenger side screen.

Avatr 11 MMW cabin

The exterior of Avatr 11 is also highly futuristic, with LED lights that appear as sleek eyes for the vehicle. Another distinct feature of 011 is the retractable door handles on the side, along with side scuffles that carry the vehicle's camera. However, you can still find the conventional side mirrors mounted on the doors of Avatr 011.

Avatr 11 MMW specs

Furthermore, the brake calipers, seat headrests, boot screen, and door sills feature the letters "AVATRMMW," further adding to the style of the electric SUV. Besides that, the storage compartment, buckles behind the front seat, and the underneath sides of the boot and center console also feature the letters "AVATRMMW."

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