Canada sets a 2035 deadline for petrol, diesel engine cars sale

Canada sets a 2035 deadline for petrol, diesel engine cars sale

With a majority of countries moving towards strict norms for internal combustion engines, Canada becomes the first-ever country to lay a complete ban on such vehicles. As per the reports by Reuters, the Canadian government has announced its intention to put a complete stop to the sale of new cars that are based on internal combustion engines. 

The list includes new cars and other light-duty trucks, facing a ban from the year 2035. The suggested move will also have an effect on plug-in hybrids, hybrids, and, regular gas-only cars. The announcement is a part of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's goal to make the country with net-zero carbon footprints by 2050. 

Ban on ICE cars

The rule implies that only vehicles with zero emissions will be allowed to sell on Canadian soil from 2035. To tackle the problems and lay effective administration, the government says that they will be introducing a mixture of regulations and investments to boost the automotive industry to allow them to make a suitable transition.

The country’s environment minister, Jonathan Wilkinson said, "We are committed to aligning Canada's zero-emission vehicles sales targets with those of the most ambitious North American jurisdictions". Further, he also added, “We will work with the United States to harmonise fuel efficiency regulations and we’re investing in consumer rebates, charging stations, business tax breaks, and industry transition costs.” 

Car emission

Adding to it, Alghabra also said that, “Only bold climate policies lead to bold results. Through measures aimed at accelerating the transition to 100 percent zero-emission vehicle sales, we will continue building a cleaner and more resilient economy, while also creating good jobs and opportunities for all Canadians.”

Well, Canada’s latest announcement follows a series of announcements made by other countries. A recent announcement made by the UK suggests that they will be moving forward with their ban on the sale of new diesel and petrol cars from 2040 to 2030, later bringing it to 2035. 

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