Apple electric car likely to come by 2025

Apple electric car likely to come by 2025

Sources are hinting towards the much-awaited Apple Car project which now seems to be back on track once again. According to reports from Bloomberg, the tech giant is striving to hasten the development of its long-awaited Project Titan with further focus on enhancing the self-driving competencies of the electric car. 

To accelerate their efforts, the project recently appointed a new chief Kevin Lynch who was previously the software executive of Apple Watch. Sources suggest that the newly appointed chief is making extensive efforts to develop a fully autonomous vehicle by 2025. 

Apple electric car

Now the chances of realizing this ambitious goal totally rely on the tech giant's capability to complete the development of the self-driving system in the given time frame. However, it is safe to say that if Apple is unable to realize this goal by 2025, chances are that the vehicle's launch will be postponed, or they will start off with a less technologically advanced vehicle. 

Sources revealed that this confident decision and the ambitious goal were followed after Apple overcame some severe challenges in developing the underlying self-driving system of Project Titan. The company seems to have completed most of the fundamental workings on the hi-tech chip that will be used in the car.

The advanced chip used in the car is said to be one of the most advanced components developed by the company's silicon engineering group, who are the same people who created the processors used in iPads, iPhones, and Mac. Primarily made of neural processors, the advanced chip will leverage the capabilities of artificial intelligence to ensure unmatched autonomous driving.                    

Currently, Apple is using 69 Lexus SUVs to test out the technology. Sources further revealed that the company is very likely to get started with the road tests for assessing the upgraded self-driving sensors and the novel design of the processor in many modified vehicles that are already being used for testing in California.

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