Ferrari to introduce two EV SUVs after its 2022 Purosangue

Ferrari to introduce two EV SUVs after its 2022 Purosangue

KUALA LUMPUR: As per the news around the world's most famous performance car developer, Ferrari is all set to utilise its V8 and V12 to power some big cars, the SUV. The automaker has further accelerated that pace with its development of the Purosangue SUV.

However, the most interesting fact around the upcoming car is the news that follows. As per a new report aired by CAR magazine, the automaker will be coming up with two additional SUVs, preferable EV, after they unveil their first SUV, codenamed "F175" early 2022.

The two upcoming electric SUVs that are codenamed "F244" and "F245", might hit the international platform around 2024 and 2026. While Ferrari has already confirmed that their first-ever SUV will be offered in a hybrid powertrain configuration, the subsequent spin-offs that will follow in the later years will be dropping the combustion engine totally.

Ferrari Purosangue rear

Expected to be powered by individual motors on the four wheels, the powertrains will be churning out an impressive 610hp of power, besides giving out 80 kilowatt-hours of battery capacity at its base. Further, CAR also reports that the upcoming EV SUV will be accompanying five occupants as the car will be losing the central driveshaft tunnel.

Additional details around the two EVs might be limited at this point. Apparently, the car might also pick up on something new, maybe a more powerful engine or some stricter emission norms.

The CAR report also reveals some details on the Purosangue as the range-topping version of this upcoming SUV might be powered with a V12 engine, churning out a potential output of 800hp. However, before the arrival of the mighty V12, the car will be dawning a 4.0L V8, giving out combined power outputs of 700hp.

Lastly, news around the upcoming Purosangue also hovers around the car getting suicide rear doors, removing B-pillar like the electrified Mazda MX-30 SUV. However, all of this is yet to be decided, and we can expect more news around the car, as soon as we head closer to 2022.

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