Ferrari 812 Competizione and Competizione A revealed

Ferrari 812 Competizione and Competizione A revealed

Post an extended period of endless rumors and spy photos, Ferrari has finally added the 812 Superfast special variant to the lineup. The supercharged variant has a name, that is '812 Competizione'. 

Talking of the offering, it is available in two variants, one with the hood called Competizione and the other with a Targa-top counterpart, called the Competizione A. The super-speed duo is paired to the most powerful internal combustion engine by the automaker.

Ferrari 812 Competizione and Competizione A

Coming to the exterior of the 812 limited version, Ferrari seems to have taken the aero route approach for their latest, fastest products on offer. The automaker has engineered the exterior to gain some strict and aggressive revised body. Upfront, the vehicle dawns a new air intake, paired with vents on either side of the grille. Besides the newly added air intake, the vehicle gets a more prominent front lip spoiler, and aero fins, to enhance the performance of the car.

At its rear, the car signifies additional sportiness and demand for performance with its prominent spoiler and a new diffuser. Interestingly, the newly designed diffuser by Ferrari provides the Superfast a ‘blown diffuser’ effect that seems to be adapted from the 2011 F1 cars. The setting of the diffuser allows the exhaust gases to generate downforce, adding to the performance of the car. 

Ferrari 812 Competizione A side

However, in the 812 Competizione, the downforce generator was made possible by adding a more angular tip on either side of the car, replacing the quad -exhausts. Moreover, the rear glass area of the car has also been replaced with an aluminum panel, paired with vortex generators for improved aero efficiency. 

Powering the beast is a 6.5L V12 motor, adding 30 hp of power over the standard model of the V12. The revised engine tuning also gives the car 26 Nm less torque at 692 Nm. The car tops out at 340 km per hour.

Lastly, the cabin remains majorly similar to the standard model, besides the addition of revised door panels.

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