Australia continues to push combustion mills despite the EV run

Australia continues to push combustion mills despite the EV run

Australia continues to show its reliance on fossil fuel, despite the EV dominance by the rest of the world. As per reports from Nikkei Asia, the country accounts for only 0.7 electric vehicles, for the millions of cars sold annually.   

On the contrary, the global market represents a total share of 4.2%, making Australia one of the slowest adaptors of zero-emission technology. Interestingly, the country stands as one of the leading suppliers of raw materials used in batteries for different electric vehicles. 

Talking of their current condition, James Prest, a lecturer in environmental and energy law at the Australian National University, commented. “Because we have a retarded national climate change policy, and a reluctance to acknowledge the urgency of climate change, our national transport sector policy is laughable. Really, it’s a go-slow policy on electric vehicles,” further, he also added. 

Electric vehicles

“Essentially, the whole array of policy and economic incentives that could be marshaled towards encouraging people to choose electric vehicles has not been engaged with by the national government.”

Commenting on the slow pace of EV acceptance in a country like Australia, industry experts blame the continued reliance on fossil fuels as one of the major reasons. Further, the country’s conservative government that supports the use of coal is also a clear reason. Lastly, the lack of a clear promotion policy for EVs among car buyers is also being pointed as a major reason behind the stooping sales. 

Adding to the other part of the story, while EVs may not have seen a sharp increase in the following years, there has been a sharp boom in demand for hybrids. The country witnessed a sharp increase of 50%, adding around 60,000 units of hybrid models in 2020. 

Lastly, recording a sale of 7000 units of electric vehicles in 2020, Australia also represents a 4% increase in demand for the vehicle. Considering the figures, the country might make a comeback in the years that follow.  

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