Volvo cars to get YouTube and more apps soon

Volvo cars to get YouTube and more apps soon

The Android Automotive OS on Volvo’s upcoming models will be able to download YouTube from Google Play Store! Owners can stream videos in their car and YouTube is the stepping stone for other streaming apps to follow. 

If you think that’s a safety hazard, the Swedish automakers kept that in mind too. Their new announcement was followed by an assurance that video streaming will only be available when the car is fully stationary. 

This way, if you are charging or waiting to pick up your children, or stuck in a seemingly endless traffic jam, you will be able to enjoy a few videos in your car. And with the remarkable Bowers & Wilkins sound system, that will be an even more enjoyable experience! 


What’s more, Volvo announced that their vehicles can now be connected with your Google Home ecosystem. This will allow owners to control the car temperature, turn your car on or off, and even get useful information by using voice commands on Google-Assistant-enabled mobile and home devices! 

Volvo owners will also be allowed to download other charging and navigation apps on their car while integrating Google Assistant-enabled devices - a great way to elevate your vehicle’s smartness quotient! 

All the addition of these nifty features is to ease the use of electric cars by owners. Volvo predicts that these will allow customers to enjoy their charging and other breaks instead of seeing them as an additional hassle. 

Volvo will also become partners with Qualcomm by introducing a Qualcomm Snapdragon digital cockpit platform in their vehicles. This will surely elevate their Google Android Automotive infotainment system to the next level.

Google promised that the United States and the European (namely in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Norway, and Sweden) markets will receive the new features first. Other markets will soon receive them too.

Volvo is yet to announce when these feature-rich vehicles will make it into the Singapore market. For more news on that front, stay tuned!

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