Hyundai USA partners with IonQ to launch quantum machine learning for future mobility

Hyundai USA partners with IonQ to launch quantum machine learning for future mobility

Hyundai Motor Company expanded its partnership with IonQ, a world leader in quantum computing, and announced the launch of a new product that aims to use quantum machine learning to enhance future mobility.


  • What does Hyundai and IonQ plan to do togther?

    The two companies have set up a foundation for a project wherein quantum machine learning is used to classify images and recognise 3D objects.
  • IonQ Aria is one of the most powerful quantum computers with 20 algorithmic qubits and is currently used to identify 43 different types of traffic signs.

    Hyundai and IonQ partnership

    Hyundai and IonQ had announced their partnership at the beginning of the year to enhance the use of quantum machines in battery-operated vehicles. IonQ’s exceptional processing will allow them to map the use of roads by cyclists as well as pedestrians.

    IonQ and Hyundai will collaborate on this project to develop quantum approaches for 3D object identification and identifying road signs and pedestrians. Their recent project involves classifying images and detecting 3D objects to improve Hyundai’s future autonomous driving tech. Machine learning is preferred by automobile companies due to its fast processing and accuracy.

    IonQ’s quantum computerlassify 43 different types of traffic signalss

    Calling this partnership a focus on next-generation mobility, the CEO and President of IonQ, Peter Chapman highlighted how quantum computers are on their way to becoming a key aspect of future mobility and ‘novel transportation solutions’.

    The two firms also look forward to using IonQ's machine learning data to test Hyundai's environment and recreate numerous real-world scenarios.

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