BMW Isetta-inspired Microlino 2.0 is finally here!

BMW Isetta-inspired Microlino 2.0 is finally here!

Micro Mobility Systems is in highlight due to its Microlino 2.0 light electric vehicle, inspired by BMW Isetta. The highly compact and adorable car had been a treat to EV enthusiasts at the time of its concept debut in 2020. Well, Micro Mobility Systems have finally unveiled the ultra-compact two-seater offering at the ongoing 2021 IAA Motor Show in Munich. However, the development here is that the car is now made available in its final production form. 

Microlino 2.0

One of the most notable factors about this production-ready vehicle is that the automaker has retained the overall adorable factor. 

Talking of the design factor of this car, the Microlino retains its LED light strips across the rear and the front-end of the vehicle. The production-ready vehicle has also retained the innovative headlamps that were centered into the side mirrors.

Another highlighted feature of the Microlino 2.0 is that the car has no door handles as it comes with a button to open the fridge-shaped door. 

Microlino 2.0  rear

Moving to the trim levels of the car, the Microlino 2.0 will be dawning three trim levels. Namely: Dolce, Urban, and Competizione are made available with three different battery capacities of 6 kWh, 14 kWh, and 10.5 kWh, respectively. The automaker has left the options at the discretion of the customers. They can easily upgrade their trim to any specific battery capacity that they wish to implement. Talking of the mileage offering, the batteries give out pure EV ranges of 95 km, 175 km, and 230 km. 

Microlino 2.0 interior

Moving inside, the Microlino 2.0’s cabin remains majorly untouched and original to the cute concept car that we had previously seen. However, the only change in the car is the addition of a second screen which can be noticed on the door-mounted dashboard, replacing the numerous buttons that were previously seen on the concept vehicle.

Lastly, the automaker is already overwhelmed with reservations of some 24,000 units on its first batch. The first deliveries are expected to start in Switzerland, moving ahead to Germany, and later the rest of Europe and other global markets.

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