Geely’s Zeekr Power makes buzz as the latest EV charging brand

Geely’s Zeekr Power makes buzz as the latest EV charging brand

The EV segment is one of the hotspots for the automakers currently. As of 2021, every manufacturing brand, big or small, wants a piece of the pie in the future of transportation. With Geely's premium EV brand Zeekr announcing the arrival of its EV charging sub-brand “Zeekr Power” at the Chengdu Motor Show 2021, the brand takes the electrified future to a next level. 

With plans to support the ‘charging’ functionality of an EV future, the brand had earlier presented us with an envisioned energy supply network, comprising of large-sized charging stations. Besides the large stations to recharge electronic vehicles, Zeekr’s charging stations will also be having multiple practical functions to make the process a smoother experience.

Zeekr Power

While there has been no solidified planning for the brand’s EV stations, Zeekr Power is expected to provide every charging station with six charging piles, providing a maximum power output of up to 360 kW. 

Further, to promote a better and future-oriented approach, Zeekr also focuses on providing functionalities beyond the ordinary. Some of the expected functions for everyday charging of the users include an application-based one-click charge, pre-approved appointment for charging, Bluetooth-enabled remote control, and plug-and-play function.

To add to it, the charging stations will also be smart to update the users with real-time status. This way, the automaker aims at providing the users with the most suitable choices of charging stations. As a plan for its future stronghold, the charging subsidiary also plans to launch two services, including offering door-to-door charging service and dispatching mobile charging vehicles to ensure emergency energy supplies.

With the progression of its automated charging functionalities, Zeekr will also be introducing added functionalities to its existing features. We can expect features such as vehicle parking services. Lastly, customers will also be provided with the option to avail of customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

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