Future Alfa Romeo cars to offer optimized screen count

Future Alfa Romeo cars to offer optimized screen count

With optimization being the future of offerings, we can say that the future cars will have sophisticated design patterns, both inside and out. Among other relevant technological advancements that have now become a piece of future automation, the size of screens is also a rising concern. 

Looking at the ways manufacturers designed their cars in the past decade, the infotainment features have proved to be a turning stone. Automakers have gone a long way to introduce a wide number of screens to cover up the front end of their cars. 

 Alfa Romeo

While premium automakers like the Mercedes-Benz have made it big with their MBUX Hyperscreen, automakers like Alfa Romeo have different plans in mind! 

In the latest interview with BFM Business, Alfa Romeo’s new CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato mentioned that the brand’s future cars would have "as few screens as possible.” He further added, “I do not promote an iPad with an automobile round it, I promote an Alfa Romeo.”

The statement made by the CEO made us believe that he wants the Italian marque to be more of a brand that focuses on delivering user experience to the Alfa Romeo users. With the brand moving to an electrified future for its operations, they might want to reduce the number of screens attached to the dashboard. 

 Alfa Romeo

The final aim of having a reduced screen count on the dashboard is to keep the riding experience optimized and precise.  

However, the final output by the automaker is still in question. The statement made by the CEO is still a statement and the final bit stays to be seen. Looking at the time of the interview and the upcoming product releases, we can say that we might be able to witness this optimized screen output in the automaker’s upcoming car, the sub-Stelvio SUV Tonale. 

While the development of the screen size is still a questionable output, we’re excited to experience a new change in the automaker’s frenzy. Whatever the output be, we’ll have to wait for the final results.

Source: Caradisiac

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